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Multivet Spray Commander

Using a remote control, a spray is ejected from a device worn around the dog's neck.

Simply press the button on the remote control and an inoffensive citronella spray is ejected. The spray can be triggered at a precise moment in time, so that the delay between the unacceptable behavior and the redirection stimulus is instantaneous.

With Spray Commander training time is greatly reduced . After receiving a few sprays in a specific situation, the dog will attempt to avoid bad behavior in order to spare himself another spray. The calibrated spray, causes neither pain or nasty after-effects. Furthermore the use of the spray is more effective to eliminate bad behavior, than techniques which involves fear or pain.

The Spray Commander has 3 levels of action:

  • Level 1 - a postive sound signal, to reinforce good behaviour.
  • Level 2 - a short spray, given when the dog is not executing a command that he understands, or is about to commit an undesirable act.
  • Level 3 - a long spary, given without verbal warning when the dog is already engaged in an undesirable act and thinks you are out of site.

With this revolutionary device, you can:

  • Eliminate undesirable behavior such as : jumping, chasing, digging, destruction, stealing, and many more.
  • Show your dog to respect the commands learned with the spray when the dog is distracted, or if he has learned obedience is optional.
  • Teach your dog the 10 basic commands, with the positive sound ans modem reinforcement techniques.
  • Make game time more fun by showing the dog some fancy tricks.

Each kit contains everything you need to get started:

  • Odourless refill
  • Adjustable collar/strap
  • Spray unit
  • Remote control
  • 2 batteries
  • Instructional CD ROM
  • Training guide

Features & Benefits:

  • Safe and effective
  • Resolve problems faster without pain or fear
  • Scientifically proven spray technology
  • Can be used for training with the positive sound reinforcement
  • Detailed instructions and CD ROM
  • 80m range
  • Use with Multivet, Aboistop, MasterPlus or Pavlov refills

SimplyK9 price 78.99 RRP 119.99

Also available on Try or Buy for 125.99

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Multivet Spray Commander - Try or Buy
If within the first six weeks of purchasing the Multivet Spray Commander - Try or Buy option, you decide you wish to return it; upon its return you will receive your the original price you paid (not including shipping), less 84.00 (equivalent of 6 weeks rental @ 14.00 per week). This figure is fixed at 6 weeks rental even if you return the item after just 2 weeks, for example. Returned items must be complete, in working order and undamaged. Fair wear and tear excepted. Returned kits must arrive with us by the end of the seventh week after purchase.

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