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Multivet Virtual Barrier
An indoor system that effectively keep pets away from off-limit areas. It requires no training and you will be amazed at this system's immediate results.

The Virtual Barrier ™ training system has 2 components: an emitter dish and a spray receiver collar.

The emitter dish is plugged into a regular household socket. It generates a low frequency radio signal that is transmitted in all directions.

As your pet approaches the emitter dish, the spray receiver collar will pick up the low frequency signal. The collar will at first emit a warning beeping sound to let your animal know it has reached the limit. Should he continue on, he will then receive a brisk spray!

Ideal for keeping pets:

  • Off furniture
  • Out of rubbish bins
  • Away from breakables
  • Out of off-limits rooms
  • Away from babies or toddlers
  • Away from your favourite chair
  • Away from food etc.

Each kit contains everything you need to get started:

  • Odourless refill
  • Adjustable collar/strap
  • Spray receiver collar
  • Emitter Dish
  • AC adaptor
  • Battery
  • Instructional CD ROM
  • User's Manual

Features & Benefits:

  • No installation
  • No training
  • Adjustable range from 2 to 20 feet
  • Use with Multivet, Aboistop, MasterPlus or Pavlov refills

SimplyK9 price £109.99 RRP £119.99

Also available on Try or Buy for £125.99

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Note: Only available for UK delivery

Multivet Virtual Barrier - Try or Buy
If within the first six weeks of purchasing the Multivet Virtual Barrier - Try or Buy option, you decide you wish to return it; upon its return you will receive the original price you paid (not including shipping), less £84.00 (equivalent of 6 weeks rental @ £14.00 per week). This figure is fixed at 6 weeks rental even if you return the item after just 2 weeks, for example. Returned items must be complete, in working order and undamaged. Fair wear and tear excepted. Returned kits must arrive with us by the end of the seventh week after purchase.

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