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Natural Health
If you're tired of giving your pet chemicals to combat illness and promote well being, you've come to the right place. Our range of Natural Health products have been carefully selected to offer the very best in natural health and care remedies available.
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The remedies presented on this web site are not designed to replace veterinary advice and we urge you as with any illness, do not self diagnose, always seek professional advice.

Anal, Flatulence, Incontinence, Prostrate, Urinary
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Suitable for cats Contains natural cranberry juices, which help to regulate and maintain a healthy urinary tract in cats and kittens.
Suitable for dogs Aids in the neutralisation of foul odors from dog waste.
Suitable for dogs A nutritional, tasty cereal snack, with a creamy tasty filling which provides a high fibre source which aids digestion and reduces excessive wind.
Suitable for dogsSuitable for catsSuitable for rabbits Dry helps incontinance, dripping, or bed wetting by using a powerful combination of herbs traditionally used to gently tone the urinary tract and alleviate the problem.
Suitable for dogs Very palatable and will help dogs improve their appetite, aid digestion and may help by keeping breath sweeter. It is also a good herbal supplement for dogs that suffer from anal gland problems.
Suitable for dogs May help in the battle against hardening of the arteries, resistance to disease, an internal antiseptic and a natural antibiotic Garlic helps to control cholesterol., both in humans and our pets. Parasites hate it so even small amount of Garlic given daily can only help in the control of infestation.
Suitable for cats Odor Care Treat-UMS are a natural deodorizer which helps to neutralise the problem of foul odors from cat waste.

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