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Natural Health
If you're tired of giving your pet chemicals to combat illness and promote well being, you've come to the right place. Our range of Natural Health products have been carefully selected to offer the very best in natural health and care remedies available.
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The remedies presented on this web site are not designed to replace veterinary advice and we urge you as with any illness, do not self diagnose, always seek professional advice.

Suitable for dogs

DGP (60 tablet bottle) - £16.99


DGP is a famous and sought after joint health/older dog food supplement in America

DGP™ was developed by leading Australian veterinarians and herbalists. It is a complete, all-natural, formula that revitalizes older dogs. DGP™ soothes aching joints, supports connective tissues, supports immune and nervous systems, and makes your dog feel great again.

DGP™ - 60 tablet pack £14.99

Veterinarian Dr Kim McKellar, B.V.Sc reports "that in 30 years of veterinary practice I have never seen anything as effective as DGP. Every dog I have put on DGP™ has shown results, usually in a week or less, and its safe enough for long term use.  It appears to rejuvenate older dogs. DGP™ is a great product that works consistently and safely every time."

The informational links below are to documents about DGP™ that are held on the American Bio Sciences web site in the USA. They will open in a new browser window:

Whole Dog Journal Article May 2006: Whole Dog Journal Article May 2006

Ingredient List: Ingredient List

DGP™ contains a unique blend of herbs, many found only in Australia. These can support joint health, and may help support peak gastrointestinal, immune and nervous systems.


IMPORTANT if your dog is already on medication talk to your vet before giving DGP™. The enzymes have the potential to alter the rate of absorbtion of some medications, antibiotics, anticoagulants, and NSAIDS. DGP™ could possibly enhance the blood thinning properties of anticoagulant drugs.

DGP™ comes in 60 tablet bottles. Administration is one tablet per 30lbs of weight. Dogs on the proper dose, show dramatic improvement  within one to two weeks. Their attitudes may improve,  and often start to act with the energy of puppies again. It is safe, and helps your dog feel good enough to be an active part of the family again.

DGP (60 tablet bottle) - £16.99

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